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Friday Fall Treat: White Chocolate Pumpkin Truffles

white chocolate pumpkin truffles

I’ll start by saying I’m not the best truffle maker.  I tend to have issues when it comes to rolling the truffle in the chocolate and making it perfectly even and round.  So, I just drizzle the chocolate over the truffle.  I suggest rolling it though, it just looks prettier that way.  In saying that though, these were so amazing I had to share!

My husband commented on these that they were ‘Tongue slaps your face good’.  I’m pretty sure they only lasted mere hours and were completely gone.  They are simple to make which just makes them even better in my book!

I adapted the recipe from a Whole Foods recipe and used what I had on hand.  The original recipe says that they make 30 truffles but I only ended up with 15 and mine were just an average size truffle.  So, I would go in with the assumption that if you want 30 you may have to double the recipe.

I also used gluten free Snickerdoodle cookies to make my cookie crumbs; however, you can easily use regular Snickerdoodle or Graham Crackers if you are not gluten free.

white chocolate pumpkin truffles


Enjoy this yummy treat!

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