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Buffalo Wings

buffalo wings

One of my husband’s all time favorites are buffalo wings, so I whipped up a batch this week and they made his day!  Of course, he also requested about 20 more after he ate his way through the entire batch I made!

I also assume buffalo wings are going to be very hot but my husband assured me that these were not all that hot.  So, if you like spicy kick up the cayenne pepper, chili powder, and hot sauce and your  mouth will be burning!

buffalo wings


These are perfect for football season too!  Enjoy!

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  1. I was just wondering if cornstarch could be used in place of gluten free flour. It’s used a lot in gravy so I didn’t know.

    • I haven’t tried it with cornstarch so I’m not for sure, but I would assume it would work since you are just needing it for the breading.

    • Karla, I make the baked sweet and sour chicken from the Life As A Lofthouse blog all the time, they are dipped in cornstarch and then egg beforw baking so cornstarch would probably work with this recipe.

  2. I made these the other night, and we LOVED them! We host a Bible study at our house every Sunday evening, and the dinner table was silent while everyone gobbled these up. I even skipped adding the hot sauce because we had young ones in the mix (I put hot sauce on the table as an option for the adults though!). Great flavor even without the hot sauce! Thanks so much for making me love cooking again! I was in a serious rut! :)

    • So glad you enjoyed them! Great idea with the hot sauce too. I can’t handle spicy but my husband loves it. That may be the perfect compromise for us! :)

  3. Lauren Shannahan says:

    What is hot pepper sauce?

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