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Becoming an Influencer with #BlogFrogRocks

Did you know that I run this blog as my full-time job? I do! I was blessed to be able to step out of my corporate job a little over a year ago and utilize my blog as my business. Now, to say it’s easy would be a lie, it’s hard work, lots of work. Many days more work than I would do in a full-time job, the difference? I love it both the good and the bad!

In being a business blogger, I have been able to partner with many brands to bring each of you information on some of my favorite products and brands, new products that are on their way to the market, and also showcase some of those brands in new recipes!

A lot goes into blogging about specific brands. I get request daily from companies that would like to host reviews and giveaways on this site; however, I only choose those that I know for sure interest my audience.

I am extremely selective on the brands that I will endorse and work with and also on the brands I will host giveaways for. I look at what the brand has to offer for my audience as well as the values of the brand and the quality of the product.

Many companies like the BlogFrog Influencer Circle make my job of being selective much easier. They have built a strong reputation of trust and loyalty with both bloggers and brands. When I am approached by BlogFrog regarding a product, I can trust and know that this product will be a perfect fit for my audience.

In saying all this, bloggers and social media are the new form of advertising. It’s basically grassroots marketing at it’s finest. I know for myself, if I see a product on a blog and a great review from a ‘real person’ that I connect with, I’m more than likely going to purchase that product.

Do you blog? Do you want to get involved with brands and become an influencer?

As a part of the BlogFrog Influencer Circle, I have the chance to create meaningful, authentic content for brands I love. If you’re a blogger interested in new opportunities, join BlogFrog’s Influencer Circle and check out some of the top brands already working with BlogFrog.

If you’re a brand looking to work with online influencers, learn more about BlogFrog’s Brand Solutions here. Now, I’m curious. What do you love most about blogs and blogging?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of BlogFrog. The opinions and text are all mine.



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