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Strawberry Jello Snack

strawberry jello snack

As we get back into the swing of school this week, I am on the lookout for easy after school snack ideas for my son.  Most kids come home completely famished after the long day; however, within a few short hours it’s almost time for dinner.

Sadly, growing up I snacked on very unhealthy items which I later regretted.  This past week I wanted to find something to get my sweet tooth as well as my son’s without all the fat and calories!  What did I decide on?  Strawberry Jello Snacks!

strawberry jello snacks

I simply added some strawberries to prepared instant jello and then let them setup in the fridge.  Next, I topped them with Fat Free Cool Whip and we had a sweet, low calorie treat!

strawberry jello snack

I hope you enjoy this sweet little treat!

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