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Slow Cooker Chili Dogs

slow cooker chili dogs

As the heat continues to soar here in Oklahoma, my slow cooker is getting a lot more use than normal.  I have been trying to avoid turning on the oven as it seems that close to dinner time the house is hottest and then kicking on the oven just makes it worse.

Then, I had an idea or maybe I should say a craving for chili dogs.  I thought that sounded perfect because I could use the slow cooker for the chili and the hot dogs!  Brilliant!

slow cooker hot dogs

I started off by making a batch of my Slow Cooker Chili, then about 3 hours before we were ready to eat I used a smaller slow cooker and added the hot dogs to it.  This is one of the easiest ways to cook hot dogs, simply add them to the slow cooker without any juice or water and let them cook on low for 3 hours or you can cook them on high for 1 hour.  It gives them that slow roasted taste without any work!

Enjoy this easy meal!

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  1. chuck in chicago says:

    To save the extra work of cleaning another slow cooker, you can also put the hot dogs directly into the chili during the last hour or so of cooking. You have to “fish out” the hot dogs before you spoon out the chili, but you don’t have another utensil to wash. (I love chili dogs, especially with chopped onion on mine!)

  2. This seems like one of the simplest ways to cook a hotdog short of just using the microwave. Thanks for the recipe.

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