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Omelets in a Pan

omelets in a pan

A few weeks back I mentioned that at my last doctor’s appointment for the baby check up, my doctor made it clear that my cereal for breakfast was not going to cut it.  I already have blood sugar issues to begin with but on top of that I lack protein in my diet.  She insisted that I give up the cereal and replace it with omelets that have meat and veggies in them.

That may sound delicious to many people, but there is one problem…I really do not like eggs!  I can handle them occasionally; however, during this pregnancy I have an even heightened aversion to eggs.  I’m trying to put it behind me though and make myself eat them.  I also typically have to eat an egg substitute due to high cholesterol; however, I was told that having one regular egg a day would be fine.

Normal mornings around our house are frantic as my son goes to preschool year round and we are usually in a rush.  So, for me as with probably 99% of the country being able to make an omelet every morning for breakfast was not going to work.  Also, I’m just not the best omelet maker.  So, I went with the next best option to bake them!

To do this, I used my brownie pan from Pampered Chef; however, you can use a regular muffin pan for this as well.

omelets in a pan

I added 1 egg to each of the squares, 12 total.  Then, I added all the toppings I would like on an omelet.  For these, I added some fresh green pepper, tomatoes, sausage, and cheese.  Next, all you do is bake and serve!  These can be stored in the freezer in freezer safe containers to use throughout the week or month as well.  For me, this worked out perfect because I can now eat one every morning, and I can make enough to last the entire month.

omelets in a pan

Enjoy this delicious breakfast with your morning coffee!

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  1. This is great! All I need to do is go get one of those neat pans with squares in them. Thanks! I will be trying this one…

  2. karen evans says:

    Oh this is great I will be making these for me and my guys for sure. Anything to make getting around in the morning is awesome!!!!!

  3. Found on Pinterest. Will be making these tomorrow for my grandma. :)

  4. I repinned them on Pinterest and will be making them soon as well. Thanks ladies!

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  6. I wanted to share your Omelets in the Brownie Pan, but could’t find it on your FB page. I always give credit, and wanted to share the pix with the recipe. Please let me know if that’s ok, and if so, let me know the date it was on FB.

    Thanks! :)

    • As long as it’s credited back that’s fine with me. I haven’t shared it in a long time on FB with the picture, so it’ll probably be best just to use this link to the post and tag me on my FB page.

  7. I tried these when you posted them originally and they are awesome. It is funny that I had just assembled them in the fridge for tomorrow morning and then I saw this posted today! Yummy! Love that you can make them ahead, reheat as leftovers and freeze and reheat. I did all of the above the last time I made them. So good and love that you can change them up if you want, although I love it just the way it is. I did use muffin tins as that is what I had available.

  8. Do you cook the sausage first? I’m a brand new mommy that has never cooked and now need to step up my game by making edible things. :-)


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