Butterfinger Cream Cake {Gluten Free Optional}

Homemade Blueberry Bread

blueberry bread

It’s no secret how much I love Strawberry Bread, so much so that I also have a Gluten Free version too!  It is one of the most delicious breads I have ever tasted.  Then, a few weeks ago I had a reader ask about using blueberries in it.  My first thought was, that would be so good!  Then, I knew I had to try it for myself.  I actually like blueberries more than strawberries in breads and muffins so it was a must try for me!

blueberry bread

The verdict?  Sweet deliciousness!  The only sad part in the journey to blueberry bread was that my bread stuck to the bundt pan making it fall apart.  I will admit I was so sad.  It was my first time using this particular bundt pan typically I use a silicone bundt cake pan.  I’ll probably go back to that because it is much easier to get a perfect shape out of, regardless though the taste was fabulous!

Enjoy this wonderful treat!

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  1. I saved this recipe so that when I got blueberries, I could make it. I just made it this weekend and it now a family favorite. We ate it all in two days!!! It is super good. I am working on a post on my blog with it. I have a few links so that people can check out your super blog!!! Thanks for the great recipe.

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