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Garlic Bread Pizza

garlic bread pizza

The other day as I had a rare moment to watch TV I saw a commercial for a pizza delivery place that is now selling Garlic Bread Pizza.  My first thought was that sounds amazing and I must have it.  Then, the next thing was that I could probably make that for pennies compared to what they will likely be charging for it.

So, what is a girl to do?  Make it!  Then, seeing as I’m gluten free I had to resist the temptation of eating all of it, but I did make myself an alternative with gluten free bread.  Although, for my husband and son they had the real thing and my husband liked it more than pizza itself!

What is even better?  This is one of the most simple things to make and perfect for kids!

garlic bread pizza

I purchased a box of the frozen Garlic Bread Texas Toast then I simply topped it with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese and we have a pizza night!

garlic bread pizza


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  1. This is seriously tempting me and it’s not even 8am yet!

  2. Pizza Hut is now making this, $9 for 9 little pieces! They’re good, but I much prefer the idea of making it myself, don’t you?

  3. I have been making this for years (and have the waistline to prove it). When I first saw that Pizza Hut was doing it, I felt ripped off…like “how did they know?”

    Luckily, I can still enjoy it without thinking about my ideas being stolen because it is soooo good and everyone should try it. Homemade is always better. I tried pizza huts and it wasn’t all that. My advice…use the New York brand Texas garlic toast, Prego traditional pasta sauce, and a mix of mozzarella and cheddar with a few Hormel peppers is to top it off.

    I should have marketed this years ago…but as long as I can still enjoy it, that’s all that really matters.


  4. What bread did you use for the gluten free version? My son and I have moved over to the gluten free lifestyle. He has an intolernace and I have a sensitivity. I haven’t really found a brand that I enjoy yet.


  5. I agree with you guys that a lot more products was nicer simply because you received to try out additional new issues, I like the newer totes because they
    get nicer and nicer each yr and now you can use them as
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  6. Pizza Hut is among the biggest pizza chains worldwide. Owning greater than 40,000 outlets throughout the world, the business is flourishing. The initial makers of Pizza Hut were university student and their mother.

  7. years.. Decades ago.. in San Jose Ca – there were pizza places named Round Table Pizza – this was one of thier items on the menu.. I’m talking way back in the late 60′s


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