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Monster Cookies

monster cookies

This past week, I literally had to dust off my Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I never thought that was possible at this point, on a typical day I use it at least 3 times a day!  In the last 8 weeks, I have barely stepped a foot into the kitchen.  I have not used the oven, the mixer, or any of my favorite ingredients.

My husband has been the real trooper, I write the recipe and he makes them plus taste test for me.

It all changed this past week, when I saw the recipe for Monster Cookies on Recipe Girl.  My mouth started watering even more when I realized they have no flour in them meaning I can eat them.  This also meant they would taste like a real cookie!  I forgot what real cookies taste like in the last 6 months!

I was having a particularly good day as far as my nausea went so I headed into the kitchen, to say my husband was shocked would be an understatement.  He said that it felt so good seeing me in the kitchen again.  I reminded him not to get his hopes too far up because it was only cookies.  At this point the crock pot with dinner was in the garage so I could avoid smelling it!

Let’s get back to these cookies, the recipe makes a ton of cookies!  I had nearly 6 dozen and more than enough to freeze for later.  I heard from several readers that they freeze really well.  I made the recipe exactly as she instructs; however, I used Splenda instead of real sugar and that worked out perfectly!

They were amazing.

Mouth dropping amazing.

monster cookies

I ask this little guy if he wanted a bite of mine.  We are just now starting to introduce peanut butter so I did not want him to eat the entire thing yet until we tried a bite and waited a little bit.  We have life threatening peanut allergies in our family so I am extremely, overly paranoid about peanut butter.

What happened?

He told me he didn’t want a bite.  I turned around to keep moving the cookies to cooling racks and when I turned back around he had swiped the entire cookie from the rack and ate it as quickly as possible.  The only problem, he left evidence.

monster cookies

Luckily, he seemed to be just fine with the peanut butter which is a relief for me!

It’s time for your turn, head over to Recipe Girl and grab the recipe for Monster Cookies, then head into the kitchen with your kids and make some memories this weekend!

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