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Wildberry Smoothie and Round Up

This week I thought I would share with you one of my favorite treats, smoothies!  My favorite smoothie is the Wildberry Smoothie.  I used to drink this regularly back in my coffee shop days, we used pureed fruit then.  When I make them at home though I use fresh fruits and blend them.

This picture above is of the Oatmeal Smoothie; however, the Wildberry Smoothie will come out very similar!  This smoothie can be very versatile, at the coffee shop we mixed Strawberry and Raspberry to make the Wildberry; however, I also add in blueberries when I make them at home.

Another thing that I like to add to my smoothie is a handful of fresh spinach leaves.  These get chopped up very fine and may turn your smoothie a little green, although you will not be able to taste it.

Additional smoothie ideas:

Oatmeal Smoothie
Sunbutter Banana Smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie
Oreo Spinach Smoothie
Spinach Smoothie

I hope you enjoy this delicious treat!  What type of smoothies do you like?

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