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Garlic Seared Brussels Sprouts

garlic seared brussel sprouts

Confession:  I have never knowingly had Brussels Sprouts.

Now, you can all let out your gasp!  It’s true, my mom hates Brussels Sprouts, so she never bought them growing up.

I saw them at the store recently and thought those look like they would taste pretty good.  Of course, I am also a firm believer that coating veggies with olive oil and garlic makes them all good!

I picked up a few and decided to serve them with a pasta dinner that we were having.  My husband was a bit skeptical to try them, but he was pleasantly surprised.  I was fairly certain my toddler would not touch them, and I was right.  He is extremely anti-veggies.  We tried, but it just was not happening!

These were very easy to make, I simply used olive oil and fresh crushed garlic then let them simmer, pop, and sizzle in the pan until they were slightly browned.  It was a very nice compliment to the pasta we were having that particular night, and I am now going to buy them more often and try different seasonings with them.


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