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Gluten Free Burgers

gluten free hamburger

Shortly after starting the gluten free trial diet, I headed to NYC.  I was a little apprehensive because I had just started this diet, and I really had no idea what I could and could not eat.  Luckily, NYC is extremely gluten free friendly and I had no trouble finding gluten free meals at every place we ate.

One meal in particular that stuck out with me was the hamburger I had a restaurant there in NYC.  Instead of having the traditional bun they offered Bostonian lettuce.  I was really craving a hamburger so I decided to go with this option.  Not only was this a wonderful idea for those gluten free but also those who need to eat low carb!

The burger came out to the table looking just like a burger but in place of the bun, lettuce!  I knew when I came home that I would be using that idea regularly, because I love burgers!  I also have purchased the gluten free hamburger buns but I also need to eat low carb so this is the perfect combination!  I went with romaine lettuce for our burger and it hit the spot!

If you do not need to eat gluten free or low carb, simply prepare the burger and add a bun!  That’s exactly what my husband did and he thought they were delicious!

gluten free hamburger


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