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Café Au Lait

cafe au lait

While working in a coffee shop, my drink of choice was a Café Au Lait.  Essentially here in the states, this means a drip coffee or french press coffee with steamed milk.  It does have different meanings in different parts of the world, but for me it meant something not quite as strong as espresso.

Sometimes to my taste, espresso is too bitter, so I prefer regular coffee in place of it.  One of my favorite drinks is a Raspberry Café Au Lait.  All I do to make this is add a little bit of raspberry syrup, plus the coffee, and finish it off with steamed milk.  Simple!

The flavors are endless with this because you can use any of your favorite syrups!

Now, you can go have yourself a fancy Café Au Lait and sound snazzy although, really you are having coffee with milk.  Shh…no one will know.

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