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Pinterest Project: Sherbet Punch

sherbert punch drink

A few week’s back I found this awesome punch jar over at Goodwill for $10!  After leaving without it, my husband and I both agree we had to go back and get it.  We love having outdoor BBQ’s and we knew this would be a hit for drinks!

It just happened that the following weekend we were celebrating birthdays so I decided to try it out!  It was one of the highlights of the party, and I had to make sure my grandma didn’t go home with my glass jar!  She wanted the jar not necessarily all the punch; however, my dad wanted to take the punch home!

I was inspired by The Busy Budgeting Mama on this recipe.  I love how the raspberry sherbet she uses makes the punch such a bright color.  My store did not have raspberry sherbet which was okay because I was trying to make this more of a flavored drink than a sweeter punch.

I used a recipe we use often in our family!

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Sherbet Punch Drink


  • 2 2 Liters of Diet Sierra Mist (You can use regular)
  • 1 Tub of Rainbow Sherbet
  • Slices of Lemons, Grapefruits, and Oranges
  • Ice


Pour in both of the liters of Sierra Mist, then I add in several ice cubes just to keep it chilled. Next add enough ice cream to cover the top and stir just to get it slightly mixed in. Lastly, place slices of the fruits all on top to add additional flavor.

When we use the serving jar in this picture, we pour the punch in the cup then add an additional scoop of sherbet. We are a family who loves the sherbet on top of our punch!


Enjoy this easy drink!

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