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Homemade Taco Seasoning

taco seasoning

This past few week’s I have been eating on a gluten free trial diet, which is working so likely you will see some changes soon!  However, when I went to the store I found all the taco seasonings I normally buy have gluten in them, not to mention I really wanted to just make my own at home.

Why did I want to try it at home?  I wanted to add dill to the seasoning and see what it tasted like, you all do know I love dill especially dill weed seasoning.  How did it taste?  Wonderful!  Not to mention it’s easy to mix up and uses just the spices in my pantry without spending the money on the store bought mix.


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  1. I’ve made mine at home for years. That and most of our sauces. The sodium alone in those store bought packages could kill you. I’m going to give your mix a try for something a little different around here.

    • I agree! The additives they put in the packets are far too many and not good at all. Plus, if you already have everything you need saves you money and time to just whip up your own!!

  2. this sounds yummy!!! i am becoming more and more raw the older I get…seasonings mean a lot to me. thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Thanks for the recipe! With the gluten free diet mixes can be tricky, I usually just quickly throw together some spices. Looking forward to trying an actual recipe :)

  4. Great idea to pre-make the mix…What a great recipe and tip!

  5. Oh PERFECT! Thank you for this – my kids will eat almost anything with taco seasoning on it and we go through it like water! I’d love a healthier alternative to what comes in a package.

  6. Love making my own spice blends…this one looks perfect!

  7. Pinned this!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. how do you think this would taste without oregano?

    I don’t like dill weed so wasn’t planning on adding that either but I do not have oregano. I have an italian blend that has it in there but it also has rosemary and parsley in it too..

    • You could always try it and see, the main key is the chili powder so as long as you don’t leave out that…I think it will work fine.

  9. Making any sprice mix home made is better–less salt. I use my home made Taco seasoning for more than tacos–fajitas, chili, salad dressing and a dry rub for meat. It is great in scrambled eggs with cheese, too. Enjoy these ideas! @trulyuseful

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