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Mongolian Beef

mongolian beef

This past week, I attempted a copycat recipe of PF Chang’s Mongolian Beef.  Although, this was very good, it still did not taste the same to me.  I think the restaurant version is a bit sweeter tasting than this one is.

In most of my stir fry dishes, I buy thin steak or thin round steak then I slice it.  I have heard so much about flank steak, I bought some to make it with this dish; however, I still prefer the thin round steak over the flank steak.  This steak seemed to be a bit more tough to chew than the thin round steak.

Regardless, this was still a great stir fry dish and did not last long around our house!  I adapted this recipe from Food.Com Mongolian Beef.

Do you have a particular Mongolian beef recipe you love?

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  1. Tamaraposted January 4, 2012 at 11:19 am

    This is one of my daughter’s favorites. We made the Cooking Light version on Monday night and served with snow peas.


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