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Homemade Chunky Salsa

homemade salsa

In my opinion, Salsa is very much a personal preference.  I am not a huge fan of salsa so I rarely eat it; however, if it’s chunky salsa then I’m all about it.  If it’s chunky homemade salsa…just hand me the bowl!

My husband I have a difference of opinions on salsa, although he loves my homemade chunky salsa.  He would actually prefer no chunks, smooth, restaurant style salsa.  He says it’s because he truly does not like tomatoes, so he does not care for chunks of them.

I use fresh roma tomatoes in my salsa, which I could eat whole!  They have a much more subtle taste.

After I made a batch of this salsa, it did not take us long to run out of chips!  We had enough to save 1 jar full, of course I am sure that will be gone quickly too!

chunky salsa

Now, I need some salsa! Enjoy!



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