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Chicken Fried Rice

chicken fried rice

I am a lover of fried rice, it’s one of the few things that I truly love that is fried.  I recently saw a recipe for Chicken Fried Rice in my grandma’s Better and Homes and Gardens 1965 Edition cookbook.  It looked so simple that I knew the next time that I made Orange Chicken, I would be making a side of this rice as well.

The rice was a huge hit especially with my husband, he had nearly eaten all of it by the time dinner was done when I was expecting leftovers!

Keep in mind with this one you can also substitute the chicken for beef or pork as well.  We also did this as a side dish to our orange chicken, the serving size in the cookbook states 5-6 servings, it made 4-5 for us and it was served as a side not the main dish.

Let’s get on to this delicious recipe!


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