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Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup

slow cooker minestrone soup

Do you love soup this time of year?  I sure do!  I also love to try new soups.  This was one of my first times to try a slow cooker, meatless, minestrone soup.  I typically always add some type of meat to my soups; however, I have been trying my hardest to make more meatless meals.  I learned a valuable lesson making this soup.  I quickly realized that adding my entire box of noodles was not a good idea because once they expanded, they took over my soup.  So, I did a remake and this time it came out just the way I was hoping for.

I made this soup more bland than most, to serve it with some Asaigo cheese, croutons, and parsley on top.  I wanted something very simple and perfect for a cold day.

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