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Pinterest Project: Salted Dough Ornaments

salted dough ornaments

salted dough ornaments

This past week I set out to try something I had not done before that was to make Salted Dough Ornaments.  I followed the recipe on this site, Homemade Grits, and used the stamping idea on, The Cheese Thief.

It’s safe to say ours did not turn out as great as these both did.  I was a little sad actually, but the biggest challenge for us was the dough was extremely sticky.  My husband and I were both doing this activity with our son.  The more that we worked the dough we found that if we completely coated it with flour that worked best.

After a few tries, the best ones seemed to come out with cookie cutters.  Next time, I’ll follow this more closely and cut out the shapes before instead of cutting them after.  That worked a lot better for me and using cookie cutters.

salted dough ornaments

They were really fun to do with our son, and I’ll likely be making another batch of dough to make some more and be a little more prepared.  I think I have it down now!

Head over to Homemade Grits and The Cheese Thief for inspiration.

Have you made these before, tips?

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  1. kim haysposted December 7, 2011 at 9:49 am

    i love their cinnamon rolls. yumm. just saw a new one this week! – blueberry with icing. going to have to try!!


  2. kim haysposted December 7, 2011 at 9:50 am

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