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Pinterest Project: Gingerbread Playdough

Gingerbread Playdough

Today’s Pinterest Project was inspired by the Gingerbread Playdough on SugarBelle.  She has some gorgeous pictures and ideas on making it into a wonderful gift for a child as well.

When I was thinking about making this instead of using the recipe on her site, I decided I would just adapt this recipe for Homemade Playdough.  I wanted to do something in the microwave instead of using the stovetop, and I make this Homemade Playdough all the time so I knew it would be easy to adapt.

gingerbread playdough

We played with the rolling pin and made all sorts of shapes.

holiday playdough

Did I also mention this playdough smells really good!  Who knew playdough could actually smell good?

gingerbread playdough

Lots of fun with playdough, plus a great way to keep your kids entertained while you are baking!

gingerbread playdough

I am in love with this playdough, plus I love that it did not have that playdough stench.  I’ll be making this throughout the year, not just for the holidays.


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  1. Michelle R. says:

    Hi! I’m SO excited to see a microwave version of this!! :) I do have one question – I’m making this to put in mason jars with a cookie cuter on top for gifts, and was wondering how much this particular recipe makes? How many cups? Do you happen to know?

    Thanks! :)


    • This recipe filled up a large mason jar for me, I’d say about 4-6 cups but I’m guessing on that. I’ve never measured it out before since we are always playing with it immediately. :)

  2. TOTALLY making this if we get the impending bad weather!!! Also, loving the idea of putting it in mason jars with cutter for a gift. So cute!!! Happy Holidays!

  3. I was wondering if it keep it shape if it does get hard when left out. Was thinking of making ornaments with it! Anyone know if this will work?

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