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Pinterest Project: Gifts Baskets for Men

holiday gift idea

In my family we draw names to decide who we buy gifts for.  This year I was the lucky one that got both of the men in the family.  My husband drew one of them, and I drew the other.  For me it was an immediate dread of what to get them.  I feel like men are the hardest people to buy for, or at least the ones in my family.  The only things they truly want are well out of the $50 budget and other than that I never can think of good ideas.

That was until Pinterest came along!  My saving grace for Christmas time this year.  I wanted to show you all this last week, but both of my gift recipients read this blog so I had to wait!

I found this awesome gift idea that was originally intended for Father’s Day, but I adapted it into Christmas.  Head over to Delightful Order to see all about this gift basket stuffed with goodies just for men as well as free printables she has too!

Here is how mine turned out:

holiday gift idea

holiday gift idea

And for my runner brother-in-law:

holiday gift idea

holiday gift idea

My favorite part of the gift was the ornaments I found with their initials on them to use as a gift tag.  I stuffed each basket with some metal signs, money, gift card, and a few of their favorite things!

I absolutely loved this idea and likely it will go down as one of the best ‘man’ gifts I have given.  I will be keeping hold of this idea and using it again on my husband!

Enjoy today’s Pinterest Project!

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