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Candy Cane Kisses Cookies

candy cane kisses

A few week’s ago I picked up a bag of Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses.  They are a favorite of mine around the holidays.  I knew that I wanted to make cookies using them, so I went to this cookies cookbook that my grandma gave me.  It’s a very old cookbook; however, I have fallen in love with it!  It’s endless with cookie recipes.

I adapted the recipe for sugar cookies to make White Chocolate Sugar Cookies with Candy Cane Kisses.  These are likely to be my favorite cookie that I have made so far.  They have just the right mix of soft and chewy with a little bit of crunch.  I have noticed many cookie recipes harden quickly and these seem to stay soft much longer.

candy cane kisses

candy cane kisses

These cookies are now on the top of my cookie list, and with all the cookies I keep eating I may need a bigger pant size after Christmas!  I’m trying my hardest to resist the temptation though and sending much of these with my hubby to work!

Enjoy your day baking.

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  1. look at those cuties! I love ‘em.. But I cant make them cuz we don’t have candy cane kisses here:(

  2. Yum and Oh so darling!

  3. These look delightful, though I haven’t seen candy cane kisses in my grocery store yet. Do you mind sharing on the USPS Facebook page? Here’s the link:

  4. Thanks for linking at our virtual cookie swap! Looks delicious and so festive!

  5. GREAT recipe, thank you so much! My family loved it :) Perfect for the holiday season.

  6. Can I use baking powder instead of baking soda?

    • I’ve never tried it with soda in place of powder, so I’m not sure if that would work. Baking can be so scientific that I think I would probably just stick with baking powder unless you are prepared for it to possibly not work before trying it.

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