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Slow Cooker Taco Stew

slow cooker taco stew

It’s time for a slow cooker stew and this time I decided to add a twist to my stew.  Why not have a little Taco Stew?  It’s delicious and can be served with tortillas or  Fritos.

I really enjoy cooking stew, simply for the fact that it cooks itself and is very easy to prepare.  This is the perfect meal for days when you are on the go all day and do not have time to stop and cook dinner.  This may be just the trick for you during these busy upcoming holiday months.

Remember, I am not a fan of anything spicy so if you do like spice add a little chili powder or cayenne pepper to this to give it a kick.

Put this in on the way out to work and come back with dinner ready to go!


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  1. How is this healthy? And all the can food is loaded with bpa that causes cancer.


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