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Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Challenge: Oklahoma Style Stuffing

pepperidge farm cornbread stuffing

I mentioned earlier in the week that I took the challenge from Pepperidge Farm to create an Oklahoma inspired stuffing recipe.  I am a born and raised Oklahoma girl and when I think Oklahoma foods two things in particular come to mind, ranch and spicy.  Now, for those that have followed me a while you will know that I can’t handle spicy.  Something about setting my mouth of fire just has no thrill for me.  Now, adding a little zing and zest to my food with ranch on the other hand, that I can handle!

cornbread stuffing

This recipe was perfect in my opinion, it was a nice mix of traditional stuffing with a slight kick that the ranch flavor gave it.  One thing in particular that I love about this recipe is that you can take it as a side dish for Thanksgiving to eat with your turkey or you can use your Thanksgiving leftovers and eat it with slices of carved turkey baked in.  Once you add in the turkey that makes this dish a one dish meal perfect for those busy shopping days!  Now, let’s get to this recipe!

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed this challenge and look forward to taking some more!

Disclosure: In accepting this challenge with Pepperidge Farm, they have provided me with a stipend for my time and materials invested in the Stuffing Recipe Challenge.  All the thoughts, opinions, and recipes are my own.




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