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Chicken Pot Pies

chicken pot pie

I had this bright idea the other day to make these not necessarily traditional Chicken Pot Pies.  I wanted something that would be a comfort meal and fill me up, but I also did not want to use the traditional crust with a pot pie mainly to avoid all the calories and fat.

I decided to use some biscuits that I had purchased a while back to add to the pies to make them like a crust.  I also used 4 7 inch pie pans to serve them in as opposed to one large pot pie.  This way they could be individually heated and served.  The idea worked out perfectly both my husband and myself enjoyed these plus they were much more healthy than having the pie crust.

Enjoy this alternative take on Chicken Pot Pie!

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  1. Love the idea for canned biscuits. Do you have any chunks of chicken in the pot pie, or did you just use broth?

    • Mommy Hates Cooking says:

      Chicken Pot Pie needs chicken!! Apparently I had a moment and left that ingredient out! Sorry, it’s updated.

  2. I was wondering what spices you might use. Also I was wondering if you really use 2/3 cup of flour. I used it and it came out very flour tasting.

    • Yes, I did use 2/3 for this recipe, I did equal parts both. If the taste is a bit too floury, you could cut that down to 1/3 cup. At the time I made this we just did salt & pepper to taste; however, now if I were making it again, I would add in rosemary as well. I’ve found rosemary gives a really nice flavor to the home style meals that are generally more of a bland taste.

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