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Chicken Breakfast Burritos #GrilledEssentials #Cbias

I was recently sent out on a mission for Hilshire Farm Grilled Essentials and ask to create a breakfast dish using the new product.  I knew that I would be trying the Grilled Chicken Breast and using it for breakfast burritos.  Breakfast burritos are my husband’s favorite and he is usually the one that is scrambling in the morning to eat breakfast and get to work.  He also rarely eats lunch so he normally fills up on breakfast.

I headed out to Walmart to pick up my Grilled Essentials, they were easily located next to the lunch meat.  The Grilled Essentials are fully cooked chicken breast.  There are various flavors, to fix them all you do is put them in the microwave for a minute and warm them up, then serve.  The box contains 2 chicken breast.  These are perfect to add to breakfast items or lunch items such as a salad or wrap, especially when you may not have time to cook chicken breast.  This product is very similar to the precooked grilled chicken strips that are located in the same area.

I am trying to eat healthier for breakfast and lunch, so with these being 98% fat free, this is a win!

I also appreciated that when I picked up the box there was a coupon stuck to it that I was able to use for the purchase.  I am one of those consumers that marketers love, if there is a coupon on the box, I am more likely to purchase it.


Simply heat them up in the microwave, keeping them in these little pouches.

My husband taste testing his breakfast for this week, he loved it. We added eggs, peppers, and cheese to the Grilled Essential chicken breast.

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias.  The thoughts and opinions of the product as well as the recipe are my own.


3 Responses to “Chicken Breakfast Burritos #GrilledEssentials #Cbias”

  1. Brandie (@ Home Cooking Memories)posted October 12, 2011 at 6:15 am

    Great idea! Our breakfast burritos don’t usually have added meat, but only because I don’t want to fuss with it and I don’t usually have leftover cooked chicken in my refrigerator. But this looks like a good solution.


  2. Staceyposted October 20, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Love that the #GrilledEssentials are a healthier option, too. I’m so bad when it comes to breakfast. Actually, I’m not sure that a handful of M&Ms can count as breakfast. Thanks for the super easy & quick idea with the burritos!



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