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Sausage Breakfast Pizza

I made my first attempt at a breakfast pizza this past week and it was very tasty!  I feel like I have tried making breakfast pizza in the past but it didn’t turn out.  Based on the picture, you can probably tell that it got a little burnt.  That would be because the cook, me, forgot about it in the oven!  Even with it being a bit on the crispy side it was very good.

There are a few options when making a breakfast pizza primarily with the eggs.  If you would like you can go ahead and scramble the eggs, then put them on top with your other ingredients and bake the pizza just until the crust is done.  The other option, which is what I did with this one, is to beat the eggs then pour over the pizza like a sauce.  This means the pizza will need to cook a bit longer to make sure the eggs are done.  I plan to try it next time with the scrambled egg version to see which one I prefer.

If you need a pizza crust recipes, be sure to check out my favorite pizza crust.

Happy Breakfast!

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  1. I’m going to try this with the already scrambled eggs & some preshredded hashbrowns. What a time saver – I’m not a morning person and this will help get some good food in easily.

  2. This looks fantastic. I included it in my blog post on 25 quick meal ideas. Can’t wait to try it!


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