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Taco Roni and Giveaway

I was recently ask to do a review of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni.  As I went down the aisles at the store to find the ingredients included the Beefaroni, I was surprised to find that Chef Boyardee offers a Whole Wheat version of their canned pastas for kids.  Not only did I pick up a few for our dinner, but I also picked up a few for my son.  He is extremely picky, but loves the Whole Wheat Chef Boyardee.  This makes for easy meals for him on nights when we are having something he would not normally eat.

On top of buying the Beefaroni, I decided to try the recipe for Taco-Roni.  This recipe was a hit with both my husband and myself, my son would prefer to stick with his plain Beefaroni.  The main recommendation I would make to you when you make this is to add an extra pound of ground beef.  I felt like the Beefaroni was skimping on the meat factor.  There was very little meat and mostly noodles, it was still good but for this meal I would prefer more meat.


In addition to this tasty recipes you also have a chance to win a prize pack from Chef Boyardee.

Prize Pack Includes:

2 Cans of Beefaroni

1 Lunchbox

Recipe Cards

To Enter:

1. Leave a comment letting me know what you like about Chef Boyardee.

Extra Entry:

1. Like Mommy Hates Cooking on Facebook.

(leave a separate comment letting me know you have done this)

Giveaway Rules

This giveaway will close on Thursday, September 15th at 11:59pm CST.  The winner will be announced Friday morning.

Good Luck!

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  1. love the quick and easy part of products,

  2. I like how fast you can have something to eat…

  3. Love how such a traditional kid-fare food from my past is still alive and well today and that my kids enjoy eating it too. Even the whole wheat versions (BONUS!).

  4. and I have you liked on Facebook :)

  5. I love how fast Chef Boyardee is to make! I always love having very quick meal ideas around for my 15 month old daughter especially if we are eating something she can’t eat yet.

  6. I also liked you on Facebook

  7. It is something that all 3 of my kids enjoy to eat and for those nights that we have activities it is quick and easy.

  8. It’s So easy and tastes great too!

  9. I like you on fb :)

  10. I love that Chef Boyardee now comes with vegetables mixed in. Just another way to get veggies into my kids. :) Tastes GREAT too!!!

  11. I like you on FB. :)

  12. I still LOVE the taste of it and you can’t beat the heat and eat factor!

  13. I like you on fb!

  14. I like that it is an easy dinner option that I know my kids will eat.

  15. I like Mommy Hates Cooking on Facebook.

  16. I Love that it’s super fast and convenient for day’s work was rough and/or i’m feeling a bit lazy.

  17. i liked on facebook

  18. I love that when my daughter eats Chef Boyardee instead of what I’m cooking, it isn’t costing me an arm and a leg for a “second meal”, and she’s still getting a hot meal.

  19. I liked you on Facebook long before now :)

  20. I love that my picky 2 year old daughter will actually eat it! When we were having trouble getting her to gain weight a few months back the Chef Boyardee single serve meals were a lifesaver for us since it was about the only thing we could get her to eat. She is doing much better now and I still use them sometimes when she won’t eat what we are having.

  21. I am a fan on Facebook!

  22. amy marantino says:

    it is cheap and fast, and tasty

  23. I love that it is cheap and tastes like food. Also like the fact that it’s not as bad for them as I once thought. Best of all my kids are in a “we like it cold” phase so I can literally dump a can on a plate and they eat it.

  24. It’s quick, easy and tastes great!!

  25. Maleesa Paradis says:

    It is good.You sauted some onions and green pepper and then add that in and serve with garlic bread Mmm.

  26. Easy for a fast lunch!

  27. I like you on FB!

  28. First of all, I love how fast, easy, and tasty Chef Boyardee is. But, most of all, the new healthier lineup is what makes it so great!

  29. I like how easy and tasty Chef Boyardee is.

  30. I liked Mommy Hates Cooking on Facebook

  31. I Like Chef Boyardee because its easy to ship to afghanistan to my son soldier, where he than cuts the top off ,pull the label off and cooks it in the can! He gets something warm and good to eat and childhood memories too!

  32. i love chef boyardee i have been eat them since i was 5 years old, now that the weat came out i love them i will keep buying them they come in handy when you have no power.

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