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Pinterest Project: Seven Days of Love

The Dating Divas

I saw this idea recently on Pinterest and knew that I needed to try this one on my husband.  Many times my husband and I get so caught up in the hustle and bustle we forget that sometimes the small things are the most important.

This idea cost under $5 to do and possibly free if you already have the items you need.  The Dating Divas explains it but essentially they have free printables that you insert into each day with a little treat.

When I bought my pill case it had AM and PM which I did not realize until I got home.  So, I came up with 7 adjectives to describe my husband such as provider, protector etc.  Then, I typed them up and printed them off.  I put these adjectives in the AM slots along with the goodies, then I did the printables from The Dating Divas in the PM slots.

I explained this to my husband and thought he would brush it off instead he was surprised.  He thought it was a great idea and can’t wait to open the next day.  I was so excited about this and so happy that I did it!  I can’t wait to look at more ideas from The Dating Divas.


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One Response to “Pinterest Project: Seven Days of Love”

  1. Brandiposted September 27, 2011 at 2:29 pm

    lol Kristy! I LOVE the last pic of him!

    I will have to try this for my hubby.


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