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Orange Chicken Salad

Are you like me and when you have a lot of leftovers at some point you need to find a new way to eat them?  For example, we love Orange Chicken it’s one of the best flavors around as far as stir fry goes.  I like to make orange chicken, but sometimes my husband gets tired of it.  Crazy, right?

This is his alternative to eating an orange chicken stir fry, he turns it into Orange Chicken Salad.

Take some of the orange chicken and veggies then top it over a bed of lettuce, add a few crispy wonton strips, and balsamic dressing.  This is a great way to utilize leftovers or simply to mix up a family favorite into a new meal.

Try this next time you have leftovers from stir fry and let me know what you think!

Happy Eating!

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