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Pepperoni Pizza Bites


Ever since I saw Mommy’s Kitchen post the Pepperoni Pizza Bites, I’ve been anxious to try them.  I finally made them this past week and they were just the hit I expected them to be.

It’s basically a healthier way to eat a pizza roll.  I followed her recipe for the most part; however, I used homemade crust. It has more whole wheat in it and I felt like it made them even more healthy than using the canned biscuits.

Not only are these perfect for an easy dinner night or a party, they are also kid and toddler friendly.

I served ours filled with pepperoni and cheese, then paired it with a simple salad.

Dinner was served and it was gone in minutes!


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One Response to “Pepperoni Pizza Bites”

  1. Tina {Mommy's Kitchen}posted August 31, 2011 at 8:04 am

    Aren’t those the yummiest little pizza bites? My kiddos gobble them down. I have never heard of using canned biscuits for the dough. I use homemade pizza crust for mine too.


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