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King Ranch Chicken

As I have mentioned in the past, growing up my mom was all about healthy meals.  One of which she cooked was, King Ranch Chicken.  I fixed this recipe for the first time since my husband and I were married and it was delicious!

Enjoy this healthy take on a delicious dish!

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  1. donna smith says:

    I love your recipes.They are so yummy!! I was wondering if there would be any way that you could add nutritional info.

  2. DeDe in Guthrie says:

    Yours looks good. I use cut up corn tortillas for the chips you call for. It is cheaper and tastes great.
    Thanks for your blog. I forget to look till I get the menu plan form Money Saving Queen.

  3. Hey, are those Nacho flavored baked Doritos that you use in this??

  4. Do you use the whole bag of Doritos? If so, what size bag?

  5. You can also use the regular Doritos, not baked.

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