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Chopped Brisket

As you know if you have followed this site very long, my husband loves to smoke meats.  He would be perfectly content working up the latest meat and sauce creation all day if he could!

This past weekend we decided to try chopped brisket.  We both love chopped brisket but really had not had time to leave the brisket on the smoker long enough to make it into chopped brisket.

We left the brisket to smoke for 8-10 hours, then when we first made the sandwiches we simply pulled the brisket apart because it was that tender.

The next day it occurred to my husband that the reason it was not like the chopped brisket that we eat at the restaurants is because we pulled it apart, we didn’t chop it!  Yes, it took us both a day to realize this.  So, we got out the butcher knife and went to town chopping it up.  It was amazing. Incredible.  Feed me by the spoonfuls, good!  Plus, I also added a nice amount of Homemade BBQ Sauce too!

Do you like brisket?  How do you cook yours?

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