Butterfinger Cream Cake {Gluten Free Optional}

Italian Crescent Casserole

Is anyone else like me and as the pay period comes close to an end suddenly you start raiding the fridge to avoid going to the store again before payday?  Or maybe that’s just me?

This dish came out of that mind set.  I had some crescent rolls and those were the inspiration, I just knew there had to be some type of recipe I could try using them.

I looked up recipes using crescent rolls and found the Italian Crescent Casserole.

This dish turned out to be a pleasant surprise.  It had a very nice flavor and even better my toddler who recently decided he does not like meat, he ate it!  There was not a drop left on his plate.  Victory, this dish is perfect for the whole family!

Now, it’s time to go grocery shopping!


Need more recipe ideas? Check out the Recipe Index by Mommy Hates Cooking.

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  1. That looks delicious AND easy. I posted a great baked ziti recipe in my notes on my FB fan page. You should try it. My friend brought it to our cooking club and everyone loved it. =)

  2. Oh I’m SURE my boys will love this!! I love that it’s inexpensive & easy to make :) Thanks Kristy!!

  3. Tonya Cromwell says:

    Kristi- can’t wait to try this one next. My boys (2 and 4) are self proclaimed herbivores as well. Looks yummy.

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