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Homemade BBQ Sauce

I’m sure you have noticed now that my family loves to smoke meats and have BBQ.  A good BBQ all comes down to the sauce.  Last year, a friend of mine passed along to me her favorite homemade BBQ sauce.

At this point, I did not even know people actually made their own BBQ sauce.  Then, I read the recipe and thought I have that all in my pantry and fridge!

I whipped this up really fast and fell in love.  Now, we use it on all of our meats and BBQ recipes!

Pure deliciousness.

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  1. I wrote a post and mentioned you. I hope you check it out, thanks!

  2. Looks really yummy!

  3. Kathi Nichols says:

    Does it keep very well in the refrigerator?

  4. This was really great! I did add a 1/4 cup of vinegar and a tsp each of cumin and pepper for some added kick(for my husband), but it was fabulous to start with! Thanks very much for sharing…. :)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Does anyone have a recipe that does not use ketchup, it is so high in sugar.

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