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Ground Chicken and Bean Burritos

Let me start by saying, I’m really not a big burrito fan; however, if they are baked burritos then I’m all for them!

I love baked burritos, I like the cheese to be melted and the tortillas to be a bit crunchy.  The last version of baked burritos I made was this Mexican Dish Burrito. I just started cooking and posting recipes when I made these and did not have a good name for them, but they were definitely baked burritos.

This past week I decided to try another version of baked burritos.  The great thing about burritos is you can add whatever you have on hand and make a delicious, healthy meal.  I decided after falling in love with Ground Chicken Tacos, I would try these out with Ground Chicken as well!

ground chicken burritosThese were delicious and perfect to freeze to save a few and freeze them for later use.

Hope you enjoy this easy dish!

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  1. those look YUMMY! I will have to try!

  2. Anna Marie says:

    I thought burritos had to have refried beans in them! I might have to add a little of that…but these do sound delish!

    • Mommy Hates Cooking says:

      Well, these were supposed to say pinto beans too! Somehow I missed that little tidbit of info! I just updated the recipe.

  3. I love these. The only thing I would change would be the amount of cheese. More cheese, please! ;)

  4. Well, you know without the beans there’ll “beano” gas!! LOL

    But, black beans would work as well on these or if you have refrieds in the cabinet, just add them instead. We have refrieds more often than whole pintos (unless I happen to cook pintos).

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