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Friday Favorite: Easter Waffles

This week’s Friday Favorite has a bit of a twist to it.  I used a basic waffle recipe, using this waffle recipe I left out the blueberries and replaced it with food coloring.  I made the batter, and then I poured small portions into 4 different bowls.  I added a spring color to each bowl.  Once I completed making the waffles with the waffle iron, I used spring cookie cutters to make fun shapes.  The batter can also be made using a baking mix like Bisquick.

These may not be the easiest to figure out what the shapes are; however, the kids will love them.  My son thought these were great and he ate them all up!  If you cannot tell the yellow waffle is a bunny, the pink is a tulip, and the green behind those are eggs.

This is a fun way to enjoy a nice, Easter Breakfast!

Happy Friday!

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