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Easter Desserts

We have our Easter Ham and our Easter Sides covered, now it’s time to talk DESSERTS!  That’s the glorious moment of Easter dinner right?  The dessert table or spread or whatever you want to call it.  If I were at dinner with you, I would likely be sitting right next to all the desserts.

One of my favorites to bring to Easter dinner is my Angel Fluff.  I feel this is a light yet sweet dessert that makes the perfect ending to a beautiful meal.

I thought along with this recipe I would share a few of my favorites around the blogs:

Cookie Dough Cupcakes with Cookie Dough Frosting by TidyMom – Cookie Dough?  Do I even have to say anything else?

Cute as a Fox Rice Krispie Chicks – How adorable are these?  I am not even sure I could eat them they are just too cute!

Recipe Lion: Cream Filled Easter Eggs - Cadbury Egg  lovers this one is for you!

The Recipe Girl: Lemon Truffle Cake – I LOVE Lemon Cake, this one just looks amazing!  I think I may be drooling…

The Party Dress: Spring Desserts – These take beautiful desserts to a whole new level.

I hope you are inspired by this amazing list, and I’ll be enjoying my Angel Fluff this Easter!

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