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BIC Pan Seared Chicken Breast

I was recently ask by the Culinary Arts College to choose a recipe from their Culinary School and make the dish and review it.  I gladly accepted the challenge as I wanted to test out my skills with professional recipes from aspiring chefs.

I decided to try Pan Seared Chicken Breast with Wilted Spinach and Angel Hair Pesto.  I chose a recipe that I knew my family would likely enjoy, and that proved to be true.

I made this recipes exactly as it was written; however, once I was finished with the recipe I realized I had not used all the ingredients on the list.  The recipe does not show where to add in the pepper, wine, and lemon juice.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this until I had already cooked my chicken, but I am certain that is most likely where those ingredients should be added.  Once the oil and garlic are heated and you add in the chicken, I would let the chicken brown a bit and then add in the wine, pepper, and lemon juice.

This was a delicious dish aside from the chicken lacked flavor; however, I feel that by adding those missing ingredients it would have been perfect.  This also opened a whole new door for me as far as cooking pasta goes.  The chopped basil added such a fabulous flavor that may be coming up a bit more in my pasta dishes.

I was also impressed to find that this was not a very difficult dish, it did take some time to fix; however, the longest on time for me was cooking the chicken.

My husband and son were both impressed with this and we will likely be making it again.

Be sure and dazzle your family with this delicious dish!


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  1. Leah @ Beyer Bewareposted April 18, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Sounds like you chose a great one! Looks beautiful.


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