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Beer Can Chicken

Do you have a favorite seasoning that you like to use on your meats and poultry?

Last year, we went to a festival in our area where we were given many different samples of Weber Seasonings.  My favorite so far is the Kick’n Chicken; however, last week we tried the Beer Can Chicken seasoning, yummy!

My husband and I have wanted to try Beer Can Chicken for a while; however, since we do not regularly drink beer, we just have not had any motivation to buy it just for chicken.  This seasoning though was the answer for us!  It’s perfect, and as far as I can tell it tasted fabulous too.

I am looking forward to trying more of Weber Seasonings, as so far I have not been disappointed each one taste even better than the last one I tried.

For the Beer Can Chicken we simply sprinkled it on chicken and grilled it.  There is no real recipe to it, sprinkle and grill, and be amazed with the flavor!

Do you have a favorite seasoning?!  After I found my favorite BBQ sauce, now I’m trying out a lot of new seasonings.

Disclaimer: This post was of my own opinion on this seasoning.  Weber Seasoning does not have any idea who I am, I just love their product!

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  1. Amandaposted April 12, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    We make beer can chicken, but we don’t buy beer in cans (we’re beer snobs, lol) Instead, we use pop cans to hold the chicken up and season it with seasoning salt and mrs. dash. MMMmmmmmm! Moist from the water in the can, yummy from the seasoning!


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