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Gardening Shopping

This past weekend I stopped into Dollar Tree to buy a couple of items non related to Gardening, then I glanced to my left and there were aisles full of gardening items.

I walked past one thing and then another and before I knew it I had at least 20 items in my cart!  I love Dollar Tree, who can beat $1?!

The chalk and toy shovel were necessities of course!

I took all of your Facebook and Gardening suggestions to heart and purchased these cute gloves.

Now they may be too cute to get dirty, good thing they were only $1!

My favorite purchase, I bought 5 of these each with a different saying on them.

Just reading these and looking at them makes me smile.

This is just a little start into our garden and flower beds for the spring, next week I’m headed to purchase my items for the new herb garden.  Fresh herbs…I just can’t wait!

This post was based on my own opinions of Dollar Tree, I was not paid for this post.  Dollar Tree has no idea who I am.  Now, go shop there!

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