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Chocolate No Bake Cookies

A few weeks back, my husband decides he wants No Bake Cookies.  He knows this is my weakness, I can’t resist.  I should.  I can’t!

I went to another cooking blogger favorite of mine, Mommy’s Kitchen, to find Chocolate No Bake Cookies.  I made these just as she instructs without the peanut butter.

Where they delicious?  Yes.  Did I eat almost all of them?  Yes.  Did I gain 10 lbs while eating them?  Well, if I did I was too busy eating them all to notice.  Did my husband even get one?  I’m really not sure.

Such a wonderful, chocolate treat!

Now, back to finding some willpower!

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  1. They turned out really good. I have never made them without the peanut butter. That is my kiddos and hubbys favorite part. Great for people who dislike PB. Great Job!

  2. Arrggghhh, after seeing this I was craving some. Went to the kitchen to get started & I’m out of oatmeal!!! :( Look slike we’ll be headed to the grocery store soon!! :)

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