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The moment that I saw the Ragu Mini Pizza Cups recipe, I knew they would be on my menu plan!  I decided to make them on an evening that we were having my best friend and her family over.  I made mine using Aldi brand spaghetti sauce, homemade pizza crust, and pepperoni’s.

These were delicious paired with a nice side salad.  This would be a perfect treat to bring to any party and very kid friendly!


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  1. LOVE these! I have made them twice already! Used crescent rols for the crust though! I want to try with pizza dough next!

  2. When you mention the Aldi brand spaghetti sauce (I think I read in a previous post your family loves this sauce)which specific sauce is it? My Aldi has two different sauces. One runs about $1.19 a jar and comes in mushroom, traditional, or meat variety. The other one is about $2 something a jar I think and comes in more “gourmet” varities. I would love to hear which it is you guys love so that we can try it too.

    Also, kind of on a side note…I am relatively new to the whole Aldi shopping as we are originally from CA where Aldi doesn’t exsist. I love Aldi and would love to hear/see in a future post your favorites, tips, recipes, etc.

    • Mommy Hates Cooking says:

      We use the meat sauce. I’m new to Aldi too, and that’s really the best sauce I’ve ever found. I like it more than any of the name brands!! So far, I’ve been really impressed with everything except for the Aldi brand rice krispie treats…ewwww. My husband liked them though, so at least he ate them!

      • Hello all recipe followers, I live in New Zealand, and im finding it hard to work out the recipes. I need some kind of recipe conversion-as we are in metric weights and measures.Also half the brands you use I cant get here. Also I fond most of your recipes it doesn’t show how many it feeds..You call it yield, we call it servings lol..Hope to hear back from people who may be able to help :-0 ..I love your recipes,what a great lady you are dear-mommy hates too cook..Gosh you must cook every night lol

  3. Definitely kid friendly! And I love easy :)

  4. miranda s says:

    wonder how these would work in my mini muffin tin?

  5. Do you have any little tricks to cutting up the dough into semi equal portions. I have just been laying my dough over the top of the muffin tin and cutting with a butterknife, but I figured there’s some way that’s easier and neater.


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