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Picky Eaters: Corn Dog Muffins

I have been on the hunt for good recipes that hide in meat and veggies for toddlers and young children.  When I saw this one for Corn Dog Muffins, I am sure that I had the same initial thought that all parents have, ‘yuck’!  My son on the other hand loved them!

The only change I made was I cut the recipe in half as I knew we would not need that many.  I will say they are a bit messy and have the broom on standby! If your children are anything like mine, that’s a needed ending to every meal!

A funny side note, my husband picked one up and said ‘What’s in these muffins?  You are just sticking anything you can find into muffins lately.  I guess I need to start checking my muffins!’


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  1. Anyone try this with any other meats? My son eats hot dogs with no problem, it is all the other meats that we have trouble with. If it is not a meatball, hotdog or chicken nugget, it is usually a battle.


  1. [...] Corn Dog Muffins – This first recipe is one that I have made for my toddler essentially it’s hot dogs hidden in a corn muffin. Although it can get very messy to eat, it is one of the few ways my son will eat meat. [...]

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