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Friday Favorites

Now that I am cooking daily, I sometimes forget about some of my favorite recipes that I enjoy!  As a way to remind myself of some of my favorites, I have decided to start ‘Friday Favorites’.  Each Friday I will include a link to one of my favorite recipes that either I have made or one on the web that I enjoy making.

Feel free to also link up your favorite recipes from your own blog or a site on the web.

This week I am looking back at my Fall Harvest Bake.  This was a nice twist to my typical Chicken and Rice.  This quickly became one of my new favorites.

Enjoy your Friday Favorite!


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  1. Michaelposted November 13, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    I like the site, if you want to share some of your recipes on my site I’d love to have them.


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