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Broccoli Chickpeas Penne

A few months back, I went to the grocery store and made an impulse purchase.  I bought Chickpeas!  That’s right folks, forget the candy and cookies I bought a can of Chickpeas!  Wacky!

Since then, they have been sitting in my pantry while I figure out how I am going to use them.  I was browsing through  All You magazine and found this Whole Wheat Penne with Broccoli and Chickpeas recipe.  It looked simple enough and would allow me to convince myself that the impulse purchase was worth it!

I adapted this recipe to create a slightly different version.


I really enjoyed this dish because it’s meatless.  It is nice to take a break from having meat in each meal, plus my toddler enjoyed it too!  Remember to print your coupons!

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  1. sounds delish! i LOVE chickpeas! i try and add them in whereever – soup, pasta, salads, HUMMUS YUMMY!!!!

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