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Picky Eaters: Broccoli

One of the most frustrating parts of parenting has to come from dealing with picky eaters!  I realize that many parents are in this same situation and the dinner table becomes a dreaded challenge each night, when really it should be a place of joy, not dread.

Recently, I decided to start from the beginning and use some of the oldest tricks in the book for picky toddler eaters.  I  am in no way using scientific facts or figures, I’m just using my mommy knowledge that results in a TON of trial and error!

Here we go:

Exhibit 1: Cooked and seasoned broccoli-

Exhibit 2: Cooked and seasoned broccoli with shredded cheese-

Conclusion:  Everything is better with cheese on it, and I can’t blame him…I hate broccoli too!

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  1. I was just thinking about doing broccoli today for my kids. i’m THANKFUL i don’t have picky eaters but one of our faves is our own version of the lipton simple sides that is broccoli and cheese rice. cheese really does make everything better!

    • Mommy Hates Cooking says:

      I love that broccoli and cheese rice too! I’m picky when it comes to broccoli but if it’s baked in something or covered with cheese I can handle it!! :)

  2. G LOVES broccoli! In fact, it’s probably the only veg he will eat without me disguising it!

  3. My favorite broccoli is beef and broccoli (Chinese food). I ate it every week when I was pregnant (I’m the picky eater in my family) to make sure the baby got his vegetables. Guess what his favorite is (and has been for 13 years)?

    I discovered my main turn off wasn’t the taste so much as that iick color it gets when it is boiled too long. I can eat it with just butter and salt if it is still green.


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