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Deer Burgers

My husband and I recently took a visit over to my parent’s house and were surprised to find their entire freezer stocked full of deer meat!  Lucky for us they decided to send us home with about 10 lbs of it!  When you go to my parent’s house and see the deer heads on the walls in my dad’s garage and the deer meat in the fridge, what would you think?  He hunts!  Exactly, but that is NOT TRUE!  My dad buys deer feed on a regular basis to feed the deer in his backyard, he would never even think of hunting for them.  So, what does he do?  He buys deer meat from someone else!

My husband decided to fix deer burgers with some of the meat.  They were very tasty!

We fixed potatoes as a side dish with these burgers.

I also saw an idea for Jack-O-Lantern burgers on  I used this idea when putting the cheese on these burgers.

Happy Halloween!


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