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Toddler Taco

My husband and I decided on a Taco Night this past weekend. Lately, I have been feeding my son each meal that I fix in order to get him used to regular foods and away from having lunch meat so much. It’s been going very well as he is very open to trying new foods at this point.

Since obviously he is too young to eat a taco, we decided to make him his own version of a taco. We made corn and rice to go with our taco’s. I put a layer of rice, lettuce, taco meat, corn, cheese, and then topped it with crushed taco shell for my son.

When I fed it to him I crunched the shell more so that it was very small pieces; however, he is starting to be able to handle chips. He also did not eat as much as is on this plate, I realized after fixing it that I used a huge serving spoon and overflowed his plate. My husband was more than willing to help him out.It was delicious and a perfect way to feed him a similar version of what we were having.


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